Long Beach San Vicente Palawan Philippines

Long Beach San Vicente Palawan Philippines

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Touted as the “Philippines‘ longest stretch of white sand beach,” the Long Beach of San Vicente, in Palawan, straddles approximately 14.7 kilometers of undeveloped shoreline, more than three (3) times longer than the White Beach of Boracay. With two (2) rocky cliffs interrupting the continuous expanse of sugary white sand beach dividing it into three (3) coves, the Long Beach stretches to the coastline of four (4) barangays / villages, namely Poblacion, New Agutaya, San Isidro and Alimanguan. It is one of the most extraordinary beaches in the country and is cnsidered as the crown jewel of San Vicente.

Perfect for a peaceful and relaxing getaway, many tourists enjoy the sound of nature specially at night when they will hear nothing but the sound of the waves of the sea. The beach area is lined with coconut trees in Cove 1 and 2 and with a number of local houses in Cove 3 (Alimanguan). The sand is naturally light cream-colored which turns creamy white when dried out completely by the heat of the sun.

Long Beach San Vicente Palawan Philippines

The Long Beach was declared as a Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (Flagship TEZ) by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), the infrastructure development arm of the Department of Tourism (DOT). With the assistance from DOT, coupled by the expertise of Palafox Associates who developed a Tourism Master Plan for the Long Beach, the very active & result – oriented local government of San Vicente Palawan, the service of a nearby San Vicente Palawan Airport and the pristine nature’s beauty that stretches along the approximately 14.7 kilometer Long Beach, its tourism potential is very robust. As a matter of fact, many of the major real estate, hotel and resort developers have already acquired properties in San Vicente which is eyed to be the “next Boaracay” of the Philippines.

A significant boost in the tourism industry in the Long Beach in the next three to five years is expected by many investors, as well as by the local government of San Vicente Palawan.

With major investors in the hotel and resort development in the country who have acquired key areas along the approximately 14.7 stretch of white sand beach, the Long Beach is eyed to be the “next big thing.” At the moment, big investors are waiting for San Vicente Airport to become fully operational, accommodating big planes like Airbus 320.

Century Properties, one of the leaders in the real estate industry in the country with a track record of exceptional quality projects and world class developments, has already publicly announced their plan of investing 20B project in San Vicente Palawan in 10 year period once the San Vicente Palawan Airport starts its full operation.

It also offers extreme opportunity for investors who are into land banking as the land prices have increased dramatically over the years, from P100 per square meter in 2004 to P5,000 per square meter in 2014 for beach front properties.

While the Long Beach is slowly emerging to become one of the top tourist destinations in the country, its real estate industry becomes very active and strong because of the influx of many big investors who are into real estate, resort and hotel development. Licensed brokers have started gathering listings of beach for sale / lot for sale / property for sale in San Vicente Palawan as early as 2004.

At the moment, the Long Beach is plainly more or less the 14.7 kilometer stretch of white sand beach, with clear blue waters and a continuous line of coconut trees. With mostly vacant beach front lots, notably unpopulated shore (compared to the crowded beach in Boracay) and only one or two developments, many tourists experience what it feels like to be alone in a remote island.

It is still unspoiled, with only 2 beach front developments in Cove 1 — the Club Agutaya (in San Isidro) and Ursula Beach Resort (in Poblacion). Club Agutaya is the pioneering high end hotel resort in the Long Beach with luxury facilities.

The Long Beach is just a boat ride away from the beautiful islands and islets of San Vicente which is located in Port Barton. The Long Beach and Port Barton can be both found in San Vicente Palawan. Because of the fact that most of the stunning white sand island beaches are located in Port Barton, it is regarded as the island hopping center of San Vicente Palawan.

San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente Palawan

San Vicente is one of municipalities in the beautiful island province of Palawan — a globally renowned tourist destination voted as the “best island” in the world by Condé Nast Traveler Readers and rated by the National Geographic Traveler magazine as the “best island destination” in East and Southeast Asia region in 2007.

It is strategically located between El Nido (which is home to one of the world’s best beaches) and the Underground River (which is globally recognized as one of the 7 Wonders of the World).

Other than the Long Beach, San Vicente is also home to Port Barton which is the island hopping center in the municipality. Port Barton houses many island resorts / beach resorts and budget accommodations like tourist inns, guest houses, lodging houses and cottages.


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